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Welcome to E.N. Bisso & Son, Inc.

Our main business activity is ship-assist services for the docking and undocking of ocean-going vessels and tug/barge units. Harbor tug services comprise hourly towing, escort, hold-in and stand-by services as may be required. The scope of these operations encompasses the Lower Mississippi River (LMR) spanning five port jurisdictions as well as Gulfport, Mississippi – where we do business as Gulfport Towing – and Port Canaveral, Florida - doing business as E.N. Bisso Canaveral Inc.

Our fleet of 19 tugs features a blend of seven tractor-class/equivalent tugs and conventional twin-screw tugs. Whatever challenge the mighty Mississippi may present, E.N. BISSO has the optimal equipment to serve the varied needs of the many types of cargo vessels calling the country’s largest port complex.

E.N. BISSO also provides offshore towing services which can be handled by seven tugs we maintain ABS-classed and certified for ocean towing. While offshore tug projects are typically performed in coastal waters, our tugs have gone further afield in recent years, including Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Central and South America.

E.N. BISSO & SON, INC. is proudly owned by 5th generation family descendants of Captain Joseph Bisso who  founded the company by launching a ferry service to row people across the Mississippi River in Uptown New Orleans. E.N. BISSO & SON, INC. can trace these early days of the company’s activities back to 1880 and the oars in our logo are a salute to our origins. This enterprise quickly expanded to employ the use of steam-powered ferries and tugs. The ferry business grew into a sizable venture and was eventually sold to the State of Louisiana.

In 1946, the company was split up and Captain Edwin Napoleon Bisso and his son, Joseph August Bisso, II formed their own company with 6 tugboats and 2 heavy-lift derricks   naming it E.N. BISSO & SON. Since then, the company has grown and evolved to its position today as a leading U.S. Gulf & East Coast provider of harbor tug and towing services.


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